February 1988 - July 1991

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With 4 years of XF production prior to the EA, to say the new car's introduction was highly anticipated was an understatement to say the least!  And with a new, slippery shape, new front suspension and a SOHC 3.9L power plant, it is easy to forget just how large the change was.  And despite the stigma attached to the first of the E-series Falcons, there is plenty to write home about with the EA Falcon S and Fairmont Ghia being highlights (and of course, a particular EA GT Falcon prototype!). Without a doubt, there is a certain air of purity to the design that is hard to beat - whether XF, EB or even VN.  So despite the faults, the EA has found a home with many fans of the model  - therefore it is my pleasure to welcome you to - EA Falcon Central at www.trueblueford.com

EA Falcon Gallery :

EA AVO Turbo Phase V

EA Supercharged & LPG!

EA Falcon S - Albury AFD


EA Visitor's Cars :

There is no doubting our collection of EA Falcon Visitors Cars hasn't had an update for quite some time - so if you have an EA Falcon and would like to see it on these pages using our new Visitors Cars format (see HERE for an example or HERE for the Visitors Cars Submission form) please follow the links to submit information and photos - grab your piece of fame now!

Sam's EA Fairmont Ghia

Lee & Michelle's EAs
One V8, one AU six cylinder - and all the way from New Zealand!

Felicia's EA Ghia
A blast from the past if every there was one...

If you think that this 'model hub' is a little light on with information compared to the ED, EF, EL & AU hubs, then you'd be right!  But there is a reason for it - and that is the time needed to complete such extensive research & put together such pages is greater than the time available to us ATM.  We have loads more information to be presented, with many pages partially complete simply requiring bulk hours to finish off.  If you think you could help - we'd love to hear from you, and you never know - you could be the next EA Falcon guru!  But in the mean time, we hope you enjoy the pages you see above, which are just a small portion of the entirety of pages available on TBF!  We encourage you to explore these via the navigation bar at the top of the page...


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