EL Falcon 'S'

Re-introduced as a limited run special value pack, the Falcon 'S' provided a number of valuable options (Ford claimed $3500 worth of added value) over and above those fitted to the parent vehicle for no extra cost (based on the RRP of a standard GLi or Futura).  As a second hand vehicle there is no doubt these are very attractive possessing extra niceties to make life just that little bit easier.  Nowhere near as prolific as the 'Sapphire' (except where the local dealer took the liberty of converting all it's GLi's to Falcon 'S' specifications).  Left until late in the EL's model run, there is no doubt the Falcon 'S' was a response to the just released VT Commodore which was giving Ford's Falcon a flogging in the sales race at the time.


Items included in the Falcon 'S' options special value pack were:

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