EL Falcon 'Sapphire' Specifications:

Introduced as a limited edition special value pack to help combat the just released VT Commodore, the EL Sapphire provided an especially valuable option pack to new vehicle buyers.  Yet it's actual specification differed as to whether you were buying a GLi or Futura as the base vehicle - for details see below.  Unfortunately it also featured the worst looking - hubcap imitation - alloy wheels I have seen in a long while!  With many hubcaps managing to look better than these, about their only advantage was that they didn't fall off! (But then again - maybe that would be a good thing...)  At least it didn't cost you any more than a standard GLi or Futura, and added $3800 of usable extras into the equation making it particularly good value even second hand.


Items included in the Falcon 'Sapphire' options special value pack were:

  • Only available on the GLi and Futura.
  • Metallic paint.
  • 15" alloy wheels.
  • Unique "Sapphire" pin striping and badging.


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